Hinge Limiter Logo The No1 Hinge Limiter
for the Triumph Stag
Hinge Limiter 9.99

Reduce the risk of damage to other cars, fixed obstacles and your own Stag door!

As we all know, Stag Doors are large and require extreme care when opening, especially near parked cars. If contact is made, the cost to repair can be expensive.

Hinge Limiter is the No 1 solution to this problem by providing a flexible rubber buffer that limits the maximum opening of the door.

  • Restricts doors from opening to their maximum
  • Fitted in seconds with no glue or fixings
  • Made to last - built from dual hardness rubber
  • Special designed ball and heel profile to locate in place
  • Reduces door clearance by an average of 25cm / 10 inches
  • Dramatically reduce risk of repairs to your own Stag or other vehicles